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About Blue Storm Air:


Our variable speed direct drive compressors are the result of decades of research into the needs of our customers.  Blue Storm Air technologies including compressor motor speed control, screw compressor efficiency and a simplified touchscreen control unit help you effortlessly manage your compressed air needs. You will save space, reduce noise in your workspace, and gain efficiency by automating your air needs with Blue Storm Air compressors.

BSM-20 &BSM-50.jpg
High Efficiency.png
High Efficiency


Ultimate energy saving desigh.

Air delivery according to actual demand.

High efficiency PM motor to IE4 international efficiency level.

50% energy saving over piston compressors.

High Reliability.png
High Reliability


Our 30 years of manufacturing and design experience offers you the latest technology, lowest maintenance expense, and an extended service lifetime.

Low Noise.png
Low Noise


Airflow control and advanced design, high volume low speed cooling fan reduces noise by 15-20%.

Super quiet operation as low as 60dBA.

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