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Blue Storm series

Permanent magnet variable frequency motors with IE4 compliance

Best in industry motors

Permanent magnet, neodymium boron magnetic steel(NdFeB) motors improve efficiency of our compressors. PM motors feature improved performance , lower weight and longer service life.

The Rotor advantage

All our rotary screw compressors use a MAXTOP air end for best performance.

Our latest patented designs use more than 20 innovative finishing and machining processes.

These ensure profile accuracy, high performance finishes, and exceptional reliability.

Oil Filter

Our high quality filter removes impurities from the lubrication oil. The temperature control valve adjusts to various operational conditions.

Minimum pressure valve

MPV ensures optimum oil / air circulation and prevents backflow.


Blue Storm series 

compressor save energy up to 50%.

Most of the production environment of air demand at_different times of the day, month or year weekly different dates are volatile.

Through intensive investigation and measurement, it is found that most of the compressed air demand fluctuates in different degrees.


Blue Storm series compressors offer up to 50% energy savings with high efficiency design.

Blue storm compressors use a variable speed drive to meet your air demand.

Most air demand fluctuates and is best met by automatically adjusting air supply via inverter.

Why choose Blue Storm variable speed series?

Variable air demands are met without high energy startup. Compressor idles at preset pressure with no venting or unload-ing waste.

Peak current demand reduced up to 50%, greatly reducing the chance of circuit overload.

Electromagnetic compatibility with 2014/30/EU standards.


Intelligent Control System

All control functions are at your fingertips

Intelligent monitoring software offers fully automated operation without special training.

Easy to use menu displays operational parameters, shows fault alarms, and fault shutdown protection. PLC interface allows interoperation with multiple compressor units.

Self Diagnosis

Our intelligent control system continuously monitors 12 different operational characteristics such as pressure, temperatures, load, and demand Deviation from normal values will automatically send a warning or initiate a shutdown, and report the exact fault.

Advanced integrated software protection

Our fail protection software can warn for, and protect against oil filter blockage, separator blockage, air filter blockage, high exhaust temperatures, and motor phase error This self diagnosis and protection function allows 24 hour operation for all monitored operating conditions.

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